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The SneakyMonkeys were formed in 2006 to play Battlefield2 in a cheat free environment. We now predominantly play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

We're NOT about strict organisation, obligatory donations and mandatory practices - we're just here to play games and have fun.
Our servers have been consistently ranked amongst the top in the world for Chivalry, so we must be doing something right! :P

The clan operates by a majority vote system. Any change to the structure of the clan, rules and servers is made by majority based member polls.
This fairly unique system of democratic control helps maintain fairness and has led to great stability.

Quick Links: Our Server Rules, Ban Appeals & Recruitment

500 Slot Public Teamspeak 3

Latest News

Forum Downtime

Hi all,

Just to let you know following some changes to apache at the server hosting side of things, the forums are currently broken (displaying a 500, internal server error).

We're looking into this at the moment though.



by MonkeyFiend | 11.08.2017 | [1] comment, latest by Mealmaker - 27.02.2018 - 05:20

New Game Server!

Although we're still happily playing chivalry and we're still the world number 1 chivalry server, some people have been interested in playing the multiplayer co-operative pirate game "BlackWake"

So I've purchased a 54 slot "Fleet" server for people to play on. All SM member should be admins so that you can kick, ban and probably more often used: mute people.

The game itself is on early access but looks pretty decent. If the server stays popular and SM members want it we'll keep it along side the Chivlary server.

PM me if you need admin (also existing admins can make new admins from the admin menu)

by MonkeyFiend | 03.03.2017 | [1526] comments, latest by canadian pharmacies that ship to us - 07.01.2022 - 14:12


Just a quick announcement to say Steam is having problems at the moment. The server itself is up and running fine though :P You'll probably see "Authentication" errors or "connection timeout" type messages

Click this link to see the current status:

by MonkeyFiend | 10.02.2017 | [17909] comments, latest by 007카지노 - 29.01.2022 - 06:13

New Background!

Not really been doing much tonight other than dicking around with the logo a bit and changing the background to one more appropriate to chivalry rather than Dark Souls or whatever that temporary background was.

by MonkeyFiend | 05.12.2016 | [10268] comments, latest by 온라인카지노 - 29.01.2022 - 02:14

New animated intro

With a new logo comes a new intro video for any SM videos posted to youtube and the like.

Clan members are free to use this intro if creating any chivalry related videos smiling

by MonkeyFiend | 05.12.2016 | [2667] comments, latest by - 28.01.2022 - 05:50

by MonkeyFiend | 02.12.2016 | [41300] comments, latest by - 29.01.2022 - 06:33

New Logo Too!

New Logo!

To go with the redesin of the SM site is a new logo. Still based on the Monkey and Cog design most used in the older site.

I may update the font to something better though, but at least we have this design in a variety of formats. Will start updating content soon™

by MonkeyFiend | 01.12.2016 | [33469] comments, latest by 카지노사이트 - 29.01.2022 - 03:16

New Website

New website design in progress!

This is a mostly a test post to see if the news formatting works as intended. Users will also be able to comment on any news posts. I expect bile and vitriol from noobs that have been banned. We might have to turn that function off.

Meanwhile I'll keep adding stuff. The forums I intend to leave as they are though.

by MonkeyFiend | 01.12.2016 | [15434] comments, latest by K9Win - 29.01.2022 - 04:44

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