The SneakyMonkeys were formed in 2006 to play Battlefield2 in a cheat free environment. We now predominantly play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

We're NOT about strict organisation, obligatory donations and mandatory practices - we're just here to play games and have fun.
Our servers have been consistently ranked amongst the top in the world for Chivalry, so we must be doing something right! :P

The clan operates by a majority vote system. Any change to the structure of the clan, rules and servers is made by majority based member polls.
This fairly unique system of democratic control helps maintain fairness and has led to great stability.

Quick Links: Our Server Rules, Ban Appeals & Recruitment

500 Slot Public Teamspeak 3

Latest News

New Website

New website design in progress!

This is a mostly a test post to see if the news formatting works as intended. Users will also be able to comment on any news posts. I expect bile and vitriol from noobs that have been banned. We might have to turn that function off.

Meanwhile I'll keep adding stuff. The forums I intend to leave as they are though.

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