The SneakyMonkeys were formed in 2006 to play Battlefield2 in a cheat free environment. We now predominantly play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

We're NOT about strict organisation, obligatory donations and mandatory practices - we're just here to play games and have fun.
Our servers have been consistently ranked amongst the top in the world for Chivalry, so we must be doing something right! :P

The clan operates by a majority vote system. Any change to the structure of the clan, rules and servers is made by majority based member polls.
This fairly unique system of democratic control helps maintain fairness and has led to great stability.

Quick Links: Our Server Rules, Ban Appeals & Recruitment

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New Logo Too!

New Logo!

To go with the redesin of the SM site is a new logo. Still based on the Monkey and Cog design most used in the older site.

I may update the font to something better though, but at least we have this design in a variety of formats. Will start updating content soon™

by MonkeyFiend | 01.12.2016 |

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Currently, there are some options traders betting that COH's
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Gibson earned All Harford First Team honors three times while
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He was named MVP of the UCBAC Senior All Star Championship
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Governor's Challenge 3 Point Champion as a senior and
led the county in three point shooting during his last two years
in high school.. I spent most time early
on in Ouisterham the port for Caen. There was an observation post on top of
the tower there with a good view of the coast and surrounding countryside.

The building was in a dreadful mess, floor after floor was strewn with German Army debris and on one floor I
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Despite modern contractors taking about that much time to put in the wooden paneling in your kitchen, the Winchester mansion eventually grew
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Get to the point, cut to the chase. Women are busy, we don have time for 16 innings.
Jules: even overtime. For example, if onions make your eyes
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"It is not a remake," Frost told TVLine after the news had been announced.
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the show in advance of new episodes.. It's healed enough where I can play and come back.
I'm sure there will be a little bit of pain through the course of the next couple weeks but it's nothing I haven't outworked before."Kane played on a line with Sam Reinhart and Kyle Okposo and was a significant factor in the overtime period. He led all forwards with 22:9 of ice time and of his six shot attempts, two were on net."We had opportunities but I think our overall play could
have been a lot cleaner," Kane said.

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