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The SneakyMonkeys were formed in 2006 to play Battlefield2 in a cheat free environment. We now predominantly play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

We're NOT about strict organisation, obligatory donations and mandatory practices - we're just here to play games and have fun.
Our servers have been consistently ranked amongst the top in the world for Chivalry, so we must be doing something right! :P

The clan operates by a majority vote system. Any change to the structure of the clan, rules and servers is made by majority based member polls.
This fairly unique system of democratic control helps maintain fairness and has led to great stability.

Quick Links: Our Server Rules, Ban Appeals & Recruitment

500 Slot Public Teamspeak 3



Thanks for clicking on the donation link!

However we've decided to stop donations. Firstly the donations only amounted to a fraction of the running costs and secondly because some butthurt people started spreading lies on steam about SM only being run to 'make money'.

Therefore we've opted to post some figures:

Donations received by paypal (we had the recommended donation of £2 so I've tallied these up, some people also contributed other amounts, again tallied and intialled across each year)


Total Received for 2013: £48

26x£2, LS £35, AK £6
Total Received for 2014: £43

7x£2, RM £40, ls £31, SU £50, av £20, jo £10, agm £30, mg £13.37
Total received for 2015: £208.37

2x£2, mg £13.37
Total received for 2016: £17.37

Server costs:

Game server hardware/bandwidth (64, 50, 24 slot. Occasional 32 slot): €110
Website (high bandwidth, failover site, specific technology, security and registrar fees): €20
Teamspeak; Server, Bandwidth and Licences: €40
Cloudflare: DDOS Mitigation (and spare IPs): €20

Costs around €180 per month

In Summary:

Average Annual income from donations: ~€93.19
Average Annual costs around €2160 per year

Therefore the donations received typically amounts to 4.3% of the actual costs.
We do not make money from any advertising on the servers or websites.

All outstanding costs are currently paid for by MonkeyFiend.

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